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Sunday. (30/09/18)


Hello guys!

On 30 th september 2018, we had a guest! From Young Leaders for Indonesia! On this day, the children invited to make a their own piggy banks from used plastic bottles! Ehm, but, not only one kind of piggy bank, there were 4 piggy banks that would be united to be one. What kind of piggy banks was it?

First, savings. This piggy bank will function as a place to save money that will be used for your needs in the future, like a bike, books, communication devices, and so on.

Second, investment. This piggy bank will function as the first capital for your little business. For example to sell snacks on the school, or maybe creating your own bank account. At any rate, this is for investment for the future!

Third, charity. This, is a need! More than a need! Well, you can say this piggy bank will be a deciding factor as to how much there will be in the other kinds. Although only 2,5% was mandatory, but, in a long time, its worth will be a lot higher. You can practice how to share with people in needs, because in every of our income, partially are for other people.

Fourth, expenditure. Well, this will likely to be the most filled piggy bank among other kinds. Because our needs just so much, right? This is where the other kinds will come in handy, to control the influx of this piggy bank. The way is, you must fill it on the last! With the hope that most of your money would come to other kinds.

For two hours, the children used everything available for decorating their own piggybanks, for example, there are papers, they cut off papers to their favorite forms, and beads, glued to their bottles, etc. at any case, it was fun!

After finishing their creation, we must take photos! And then the children allowed to go home, bringing their creation along.

May the piggy banks will be useful!

Bye bye!

- K E M A L - 

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