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Welcome back! With us on Inspiring Tutorial of Kagem.

What’s Inspiring Tutorial? What are we doing on Inspiring Tutorial?

Inspiring Tutorial is a an event where we are doing something to broaden our view of the world! Yep! Broaden our view of the World! And of course, honest to its name, Inspiring Tutorial this time would invite the children to visit a temple on Yogyakarta, that temple is Plaosan temple.

Plaosan temple it self consisted of 2 complex, Plaosan Lor temple, and Plaosan Kidul temple(Lor means North and Kidul means south). This temple believed to be a heritage from Buddhist, and have a detailed carving on its body. This temple estimated to be built in ninth century, when Rakai Pakitan reigned over Mataram Hindu kingdom.

Then, what were we doing at Plaosan temple? Certainly playing while learning!

Same with the previous Inspiring tutorial, there were posts that guaranteed no boring times! But the children would be divided to a few group prior going to post to post. This time, we had 3 posts, which consist of hunting balls post, guessing words post, and ping pong ball post.

Hunting balls post, the children invited to get a representative from one of their member to get his or her eyes covered, so that they couldn’t see for a while. And then, other members would be navigating their representative to hunt balls in a designated area. But, because they were against other group, was it easy for the representative to find the balls? Hohoho. This post teach the children to trust their comrades and think carefully every instruction their comrades gave them! With so much noises, they must keep their concentration too! Whoa! Not as easy as it looks, huh!

Guessing words post, again, each group must pick up a representative for demonstrating and descripting a mysterious word from punggawa, and one other member must guess what was the word. It was fun watching them demonstrating and hearing their guesses! But, the most important thing is how the could learn to take up a right conclusion with limited information they were given.

Ping pong ball post, author thinks this post was the most exhausting post for the children! Why you ask? Because at this post, they must move a floating ping pong ball on the water filled plastic cup to another plastic cups by blowing it. Although they took turns to blow it when the ball moves, when they competed with other group, they would do it to the utmost! Wouldn’t they? Of course sportsmanship must be held high, and teamwork was crucial in this post. It means, they learned to be fair and teamworks!


After all said and d--- But! It wasn’t done yet!

*badum tish*

Time for yell yell competition!

Uh oh... For this part, author can’t make any words to describe one by one. Well, you know, it’s hard.

Please, leave it to your imagination...

After all said and done. The next was a serious study! The children was asked to walk around Plaosan temple, or to be precise, Plaosan Lor temple complex. We hope the children views would broaden. At least, now they know what is a temple? How do they look? Or what is there to see at a temple? And then, they possibly wanted to ask about the history about this temple, or about artifacts found here, but they knew they couldn’t ask punggawa’s. Of course punggawa couldn’t. None of the punggawa’s there study about a temple! Hahahaha.

But maybe, among them, there is one who aim to be archeologist, let’s just hope that their dream will come true.

Playing while learning, done. Serious study also done. All there’s left is playing!

Next destination, Umbul Cokro Waterboom! (Umbul means water spring) and the water here is pellucid! The swimming pools for children and adults are separated, so we wouldn’t worry about the children drowning. But that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t oversee them. The children went swimming, so, what about punggawa’s? of course the swam! But not all of them, well, who would oversee the children if all punggawa were swimming? And their belongings too ( T-T)9.

After they cleaned themselves, they looked tired. Not long after we left, they slept. And we safely arrived at our home.

This is the story about Inspiring Tutorial this time! Look forward to other Inspiring Tutorial!

Bye bye!

- K E M A L - 

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