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a National Figure of Women R.A. Kartini and Her Struggles of Women Emancipation

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Tuesday (05/08/2018).


R.A Kartini is the symbol of struggle for Indonesian women. To commemorate the day of “Ibu Kita Kartini” (Our mother, Kartini), there are many events that are held in almost all region of Indonesia, one of them is on Yogyakarta.

Placed in a community called Kagem Yogyakarta (Komunitas Rumah Belajar Kreatif kaki Gunung Merapi or Creative Learning Community on foot of Merapi Mountain in english), an event called ‘Inspiring Tutorial’ were held.  True to its name, ‘Inspiring Tutorial’ entice the participants to learn and inspired in Education, especially in the history of R.A Kartini’s struggles. In addition to learning about education and history, this event also expected to bring awareness about the importance of enviromental conservation and health.

 ‘Inspiring Tutorial’ were held on Sunday, April 22nd 2018. This event that certainly inspiring ocurred from 8 a.m to 12 p.m. West Time Indonesia (UTC +7) had variety activities and games. However, before that, participants would be divided in a few group. And then, every group would go to a different post at a time. First post, is Kartini post where participants invited to watch about the history of R.A. Kartini and another national figures, such as Dewi Sartika, Cut Nyak Dien, etc. Second post, that were named Education post is where participants invited to learn more about english vocabulary and knowledge about Yogyakarta’s history. Third, is Health post where participants were given the knowledge about medical devices and a simple presentation how to gauge the blood pressure. Last but not least, the Environment post is where participants were given knowledge about the importance of enviromental conservation around them and signs of natural disasters. Of course, there are games like “guess who”, singing together about days in a week, and so on. The participants were so enthusiastic that made the atmosphere to be more fun and happy.           

When the event near the end, prizes were shared and of course the title of prince and princess of environment for the participants that managed to answer the quiz from punggawa’s of Kagem about environmental knowledge. On this day, they learned about how much the struggles of Kartini for women emancipation in education for their future. If not for Kartini, women and their children maybe couldn’t ever go to school like today and couldn’t pursue their dream, could they? J

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